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Are you an Inclusive Leader?

By Marcela Fischer, Multicultural Advisor, Multicultural Advisory Service Are you measuring inclusion as well as diversity?  Is inclusion linked to your organisation’s core values and strategy?  Is your organisation’s strategy a long-term goal?  Creating a diverse and inclusive workplace is crucial in today’s work environment. A diverse organisation can have a positive effect on its…

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Inclusive Leadership

By Taryn Quach, Multicultural Advisor, Multicultural Advisory Service Within the aged care sector, we know that staff turnover is high. The figures are shocking when compared across other industries. Research shows that across all employment sectors in 2021, the turnover was 7.5% – that is people who left their employer. However, in residential care, the…

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Wellness and Reablement Sessions for the Community

 The Australian Federal Government provides a clear definition of these terms and describes how these approaches are applied to home care support in  Living Well at Home: CHSP Good Practice Guide. In this document it is stated that: • Wellness is an approach that involves assessment, planning and delivery of support that builds on the…

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Harmony Week – and beyond!

Next week we will see and experience many harmonious events and activities and perhaps on the news and in social media we will hear the topic discussed. There will be plenty of cultural food shared and music and dance in workplaces and communities and plenty of Orange. Traditionally the colour orange relates to social communication,…

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Responsible Services are Culturally Responsive Services 

How well does your service work with multicultural communities?  Do you know what proportion of your client group is culturally and linguistically diverse?   With approximately 29% of Queenslanders now being either overseas-born or having at least one parent who is, now is a great time to think about how your organisation welcomes its multicultural clients….

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