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Are you an Inclusive Leader?

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By Marcela Fischer, Multicultural Advisor, Multicultural Advisory Service

Are you measuring inclusion as well as diversity? 

Is inclusion linked to your organisation’s core values and strategy? 

Is your organisation’s strategy a long-term goal? 

Creating a diverse and inclusive workplace is crucial in today’s work environment. A diverse organisation can have a positive effect on its employees and the organisation as a whole. However, having a diverse workforce does not guarantee an inclusive workplace.  

To measure inclusion, as a leader you need to define what inclusion looks like in your organisation and have a sustainable strategy to succeed. It must be an ongoing commitment with measurable long-term goals. 

Measuring inclusion and whether your work environment makes your employees feel accepted, respected, heard, and supported can be a challenge. Inclusion can be invisible, quantitative, and subjective. The best way to measure it is through employees’ feedback. Inclusive Leaders create safe spaces and environments to have open conversations to build relationships with their employees. Discuss their goal as well as their barriers to engage in their work with confidence. 

Inclusive Leaders strive to incorporate opportunities into their organisation’s policies to encourage individuals from all backgrounds to engage in their work positively and achieve their goals. 

By creating an inclusive environment, you will be able to attract and retain talented employees from diverse backgrounds and ensure that every employee feels valued and motivated to achieving the organisation’s goals. 

Want to learn more about how to become an Inclusive Leader? The Multicultural Advisory Service (MAS) team can provide training for you. 

Contact the MAS Team today! http://www.diversicare.com.au/mas/mas-contacts/  

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