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HCP Service Pricing

Why pick Diversicare for your Home Care Package?

The following information has been provided for you to help when you are making your choices about your care.  We have also provided you with relevant links for extra information.

Diversicare provides for all levels of Home Care Packages (HCP) level 1 to 4.

It is completely up to the individual, and/or their family/advocates, what their criteria for shopping for a HCP is.  Sometimes it’s the cost of services, the entry costs or exit costs of the HCP, the administration and/ or coordination costs or actually the match of Home Care Worker to the client(s) (language etc.).


The government has set a daily rate for a HCP depending on the level of care, following are the current Home Care Subsidy Rates - applicable from 1 July 2018 to 30 June 2019.


Level 1 $ 22.66 Per day
Level 2 $ 41.22 Per day
Level 3 $ 90.62 Per day
Level 4 $ 137.77 Per day

More information about these fees is available here:      https://tinyurl.com/fees-and-supplements

Something to consider before signing up for a HCP is the amount of annual income that you earn:   https://tinyurl.com/annual-earnings

We recommend having an income assessment done prior to admission, in this way you will know if there is an income tested fee that may apply.  https://tinyurl.com/income-assessment


As with any service provider, Diversicare has some standard fees and deductions that go with the services we provide.  Following is an explanation of what they are and how they apply.

Set-up Fees

Diversicare does not charge an entry or set up fee.

Exit Fee

Diversicare charges a $450.00 exit fee if a client chooses to leave Diversicare for their HCP needs.  This money is deducted from any unspent Government funds.

Administration Fee

Diversicare charges 10% of the Government Home Care subsidy rate.

Coordination Fee

Diversicare has the following Coordination fees - to have a clearer understanding what this means for you, please contact us on 1300 348 377.

Initial elected level of input and involvement in HCP Meaning Fee
My Full Involvement I choose to organise all external services and requirements other than the provision of In home services provided by Diversicare staff. 12.5%
My Partial Involvement I choose to manage basic external services (e.g. organise continence aids, regular gardening etc.) and receive assistance for other remaining services. 15.0%
My Minimal Involvement I choose to have Diversicare organise all external services and In home services as requested. 17.5%

Client Contributions to the HCP

Diversicare does not charge the recommended basic daily fee.  The following table shows our suggested Client Contributions (calculated fortnightly and charged monthly).

Care Fee by Level Per fortnight Charged per calendar month
Level 1 $  50.00 $108.34
Level 2 $  80.00 $173.34
Level 3 $100.00 $216.67
Level 4 $120.00 $260.00

Basic Daily Fee (from the department of Health website)

Providers can ask everyone taking up a home care package to pay the basic daily fee, irrespective of the consumer’s income and whether or not they are a member of a couple.

The basic daily fee is 17.5% of the basic rate of the single age pension.  The rate is readjusted on 20 March and 20 September each year in line with changes to the age pension.

Find out more about the current basic daily fee rate at:             https://tinyurl.com/aged-care-fees

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