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Virtual program offers home safety tips for older people

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Diversicare is developing an exciting new program, ‘Multicultural Interactive Planning Solutions’ (MIPS), an interactive website that provides virtual tours on home safety to assist a person’s ability to live at home safely, for longer.

Funded by the Department of Health to assist in supporting safety issues in the home often associated with the onset of ageing or dementia, the MIPS program will be specifically designed to cater to culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities with differing literacy levels, and will be accessible both visually and audibly in seven languages: English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, Arabic, Greek, and Italian.

Emma Moore, MIPS Project Manager says “This program is one of a kind and will offer vital information for consumers who want to continue to live independently and for family members and carers to support their loves ones”.

“The MIPS program takes you on a tour of a ‘virtual home’, where you will be able to explore the rooms and gardens, and gain insight into areas of concern for safety such as possible slip and trip hazards, and options for safety now and into the future”.

The MIPS program offers advice and understanding on how to make the home safer in preparation for ageing, or the possible onset of dementia, as well as supporting the promotion of community awareness around safety in the home. The program also offers advice and tools to increase capacity and knowledge around general health and wellbeing and information about emergency and legal services.

Memory loss and other symptoms are commonly associated with dementia, and can cause concern including; disorientation or confusion, and decreased judgement, which can increase the possibility of falls or accidents.

MIPS will offer personalised training in community settings for groups, and this will be facilitated by the project team across Australia. Emma will also organise focus groups to trial the MIPS virtual home before the official launch on 1 December. If you would like to be involved please contact Emma on 0416 287 569 or via email emoore@diversicare.com.au.

As a division of Ethnic Communities Council of Queensland, Diversicare has over 29 years of expertise delivering community care to people from CALD backgrounds.

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