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Wellness and Reablement Sessions for the Community

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 The Australian Federal Government provides a clear definition of these terms and describes how these approaches are applied to home care support in  Living Well at Home: CHSP Good Practice Guide.

In this document it is stated that:

• Wellness is an approach that involves assessment, planning and delivery of support that builds on the strengths, capacity and goals of individuals, and encourages actions that promote a level of independence in daily living tasks, as well as reducing risks to living safely at home.
• Reablement involves time-limited interventions that are targeted towards a person’s specific goal or desired outcome to adapt to some functional loss, or regain confidence and capacity to resume activities.

These approaches aim to give the person receiving care a more active role in the way their care is given. The key purpose of this, is to empower the clients. Individuals and communities will be aware and asking you as a service provider how you will show these approaches.

Our Multicultural Advisors are able to run a Wellness and Reablement session for your team or community.

So far this year, a number of sessions have been run in Cairns, North Brisbane and on the Gold Coast.


A session was held at Eureka Village in Cairns, focusing on Wellness and Reablement – ageing well and the right to appropriate care.

North Brisbane
A Wellness and Reablement/Accessing Age Care session was provided for the Sikh Community at the Gurdwara Sahib in Taigum. Twelve Sikh community members attended and provided positive feedback. A Punjabi speaking Interpreter also attended and did the interpretation for the session. “As advised by you we registered with aged care today. We are obliged to you and your organisation for counselling and help who are doing wonderful job for senior citizens. Thanks once again.” – Col B S  Sandhu (Retd) and Kulwant K Sandhu

Gold Coast

A session was held for the Rainbow Spanish-speaking Carers Group at Southport Community Centre. The focus of the Wellbeing and Reablement session was Expectations – being able to manage expectations in life so that harmony is increased and stress decreased. It encouraged the participants to take responsibility for their own expectations and how to respond to others that think and see the world differently than them. The session was delivered in Spanish by Inez Pintos-Lopez (Registered Counsellor at Counselling by the Beach).

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