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Home Care Packages – Service Information and Pricing


At Diversicare we believe in making care easily accessible and affordable to all members of
the community.

To achieve this, we follow a process of very stringent controls to ensure that our pricing for the services that we provide are affordable, allow us to deliver the required services at our high standards and ensure the continuing viability of the organisation.

We believe we have achieved this standard and will continue to do so by always putting the needs of the communities and individuals we serve as our highest priority.

At Diversicare YOU will always come first!


After careful consideration and a good hard look at what is happening throughout Aged Care, we as an organisation, have decided there are some fees that we WILL NOT charge members of our community.

Establishment Fee

We DO NOT charge a fee when you join the Diversicare community.

Change of Package Fee

We DO NOT charge a fee when your package level changes.

Change of Service Fee

We DO NOT charge a fee when you change the times or types of services that you receive from us.

Support Plan Review Fee

We DO NOT charge a separate fee when your support plan needs to be reviewed, this is something that we do as part of your Care Management.


As part of the Aged Care Act the government has an “Income Tested Care Fee” that may apply to you.  This fee is different for everyone as it is based on an individual’s income.

If you are receiving the FULL pension, then you DO NOT have to pay an “Income Tested Care Fee”.  For more information, have a look on the MyAgedCare website, or contact the Department of Human Services.  https://www.myagedcare.gov.au/

The “Income Tested Care Fee” is in addition to the “Basic Daily Fee”.


The Basic Daily Fee contributes to the amount of money the government provides to you so that you can receive more services as required.  This fee is set by the government.

Diversicare looks at you as an individual and as such this fee is negotiable upon admission dependent on your individual circumstances.

The following table is the maximum amounts payable as set by the Australian Government. The basic daily fee changes in March and September each year in line with the age pension.

Package level Per cent of the single
person rate of basic age pension
Daily fee Fortnightly fee
Level 1 15.68 % $9.63 $134.82
Level 2 16.58 % $10.19 $142.66
Level 3 17.05 % $10.48 $146.72
Level 4 17.50 % $10.75 $150.50

Note: you may be required to make a contribution to the cost of your care by paying an Australian Government Income Tested Care Fee and/or Basic Daily Fee. Further information about your contributions is available on MyAgedCare.


Care management is an important service that includes coordinating care and services that will help you deliver on the goals you identified in your Care Plan.  Every Home Care Package, including those being self-managed will require some level of care management.

Our Approach

At Diversicare, care management is a key component of every home care package and one that we take very seriously.

At all times we will include YOU, your trusted person or representative in the planning process, after all this is about your needs, your life and how YOU choose to live it.

The priority for your care management is to ensure that we are providing individual care that is responsive and flexible to your needs and includes:

  • Ensuring YOU get the most out of your package;
  • Reviewing the Home Care Agreement and support plan;
  • Coordinating and scheduling of services;
  • Providing a point-of-contact for YOU and your support network;
  • Ensuring care is culturally appropriate; and
  • Identifying and addressing any of your concerns.

By ensuring that we provide you the best possible management we can assist YOU in your choice of services to support all aspects of your well-being.

At Diversicare we are all about making YOU the focus of what we do!

We also want our fees to be as streamlined and understandable as possible.

We DO NOT charge any additional management fees when you join our community and ask us to Fully Manage your package.

If YOU choose to manage your package yourself then ‘Package Management Fees’ will

apply (as listed under ‘Other Costs’ at the end of this schedule).

If Package is Fully Managed by Diversicare and a Case Manager, a 25% will be charged on a monthly basis for Case management and administration.

If Package is Self-Managed by you, your carer, or an appointed representative, a 10% will have to be charged on a monthly basis for administration.

When you become part of the Diversicare community we will only charge you on a monthly basis according to your Support Plan and the services and supports that you received for that month.


When looking at your Home Care Package Information you will notice a great deal of services that can be accessed through your package. When you join the Diversicare community we will explain all the options to YOU.

Please refer to the following page for the most updated Diversicare Internal Services Home Care Package Price List.

Diversicare Internal Services

Home Care Packages Price List – August 2020

Type of Service (ex GST) Unit Cost Day time 6am to 6pm After hours 6pm to 6am Saturday Sunday Public Holiday
Domestic Assistance. Per Hour $50.00 $59.00 $74.00 $98.00 $98.00
Social Support. Per Hour $50.00 $59.00 $74.00 $98.00 $98.00
In Home Respite Care. Per Hour $50.00 $59.00 $74.00 $98.00 $98.00
Food preparation. Per Hour $50.00 $59.00 $74.00 $98.00 $98.00
Personal Care. Per Hour $50.00 $59.00 $74.00 $98.00 $98.00
Register Nurse - Nursing Care Per Hour $85.00 $91.00 $95.00 $140.00 $140.00
Register Nurse - Cognitive Assessment PAS Per Assessment $60.00      
Register Nurse - Cognitive Assessment RUDAS Per Assessment $80.00      
Register Nurse - Continence Assessment Per Assessment $60.00      
Register Nurse - Catheter Initial Consultation Per Assessment $80.00      
Centre-Based Day Respite* Per Session $85.00      
In Home Respite Overnight (active) Per Hour $50.00 $59.00 $74.00 $98.00 $98.00
In Home Respite Overnight (passive) 12 hours $220.00 $253.00 $305.00 $385.00
KM charge for transport** Per Kilometre $1.00 $1.00 $1.00 $1.00 $1.00

*Cost of meal is not included so extra contribution for lunch will be required.

** $1.00 per Km – First 10Km no charge

Home Care Package Exit Fee $450

Please note: 7.5% processing fee on invoice value will be charged for all external purchased services, good and consumables.


When joining the Diversicare community there may be other costs associated with your Home Care Package.

The following tables provide further information.

Other Costs Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Maximum exit amount $450.00 for all levels
Staff travel costs to visit you Per km $1 (first 10km free) for all levels
Separate cost when you want to receive services from a different provider YES When you utilise other providers or services outside of Diversicare, a processing fee will apply. This fee is currently 7.5% of invoice value for all invoices generated.

Note: - Costs of Maximum exit amount, staff travel and processing other providers Invoices are also specified in the most updated Diversicare Internal Services Home Care Package Price List.

At Diversicare, the most important thing to us is YOU.

Making sure you have the care and supports you need, making sure you have all the information concerning your Home Care Package and providing YOU with services and supports that you choose.

If you would like to have a chat about this information or anything in general concerning your Home Care Package please contact us on:

Our phone number: 1300 348 377
Our email address: info@diversicare.com.au
Our business address: PO Box 5199,   West End,   QLD,   4101

Note:   The information contained in this booklet should be read in conjunction with your ‘Home Care Packages Information’ booklet and your ‘Individual Service Agreement’ and ‘Welcome Pack’.

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